Microsoft Access

We feel that Microsoft Access is a very under-rated tool. Most think it’s just a simple database management application developed by Microsoft as part of the Office Suite. However, Access is a very mature, powerful tool to manage data both in Access native format AND other formats such as SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle (or any ODBC capable provider). U.S. Developers has been developing Access applications since the first version was available in the early 1990’s. Since then, we have been able to develop some very powerful data management and reporting applications using Access and VBA.

We can help you the following:

  • Corrupted databases
  • Linking to data sources and resolving connectivity and access issues
  • Data import and export
  • Table, Query, Form or Report design
  • General troubleshooting of Access objects
  • Migrating to SQL Server
  • Training

Some examples of our Microsoft Access work:

Production Control System – Twenty+ end user application that converts customer orders into production orders. The system tracks the progress of each order as it works its way through the plant. It contains several security features to help insure the proper selection of raw material, lot number control (traceability), and the printing of labels for finished goods. To date, the system has managed in excess of 150,000 production orders in 3 production plants located in Connecticut, Colorado and The Netherlands.

Snubber Inventory Management System – A very complex application designed to manage snubber inventory for nuclear power plants; including asset management and work order maintenance tracking.

Work Order System – An application developed for the US Navy to manage regularly scheduled maintenance work orders for Navy ships.

Warrant Security Trading System – An Access application that was used by Warrant traders. The system was capable of providing what-if analysis of arbitrage positions, was connected to live price feeds, and also managed actual position portfolios.

Time and Expense Tracking system – A combination in-house heavy-client system and ASP.NET application for the management and billing of labor and expenses for an IBM contingent labor organization.

Shipping Management System – Ten+ end user application that scans finished goods as they are packed, and tracks shipped items against customer orders. The system also captures and stores lot numbers, and interfaces with UPS, DHL and FEDEX for capturing shipping charges and tracking numbers. As each order is scanned, the system automatically prints the necessary MSDS and COA documents. To date, the system has scanned more than 300,000 order items in 3 customer locations.

Sell-Side Securities Order Tracking – A system to track customer orders for a sell side securities firm in New York City.

Membership Management System – A system to manage the entire membership of a 4,000+ member organization. The system included membership tracking, notifications, credential tracking, test tracking, third party import of members, mail-merge notices, and much more.

Credit Card Sales Tracking – A system to manage credit card sales and processing for a chemical processing company.

Order Confirmation System – Daily email shipping notifications for a chemical sampling company. The system manages approximately 1,500 users and sends upwards to 1,000 notifications daily.

Auto Glass Data Warehouse – An application that reads 3,000,000+ rows of data (quarterly) from the National Auto Glass Specifications service and imports the data into Access for data mining and analysis.

A few links to help you better understand Access and it’s capabilities:

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